• Ace


    AKA Marty Kiser. Leader of his little gang. Has a habit of fiddling with a card deck with his off hand.
  • Doofus


    AKA Leroy McGee. Huge gangland strongman of limited intellect. Currently in jail.
  • Dr. Tennyson

    Dr. Tennyson

    Anchises Kenneth Aeneas Tennyson III, to be precise. Eccentric egyptologist.
  • Feng Li Long

    Feng Li Long

    Chinese immigrant with a mystic inheritance.
  • Fingers


  • Four-Eyes


    Eccentric technician of improbable genius. Defector from Nazi Germany
  • GK: Arthur King

    GK: Arthur King

    Athletic blond man with a jeweled sword.
  • GK: Cassandra Troy

    GK: Cassandra Troy

    Fearless lady with long black curls and a knowledge of the occult.
  • GK: Rabbi Konrad Lehr

    GK: Rabbi Konrad Lehr

    Odd holy man who sees things in his ash tree.
  • Knuckles


    AKA Seamus Houlihan. Two-fisted brawler with brass knuckles. A bit superstitious.
  • Mark Maxwell

    Mark Maxwell

    Tough private detective who dug up one too many secrets
  • Spider


    AKA Jerry Robinson. Slick wheeler-dealer. Has a talent for avoiding jail time and navigating the legal system.
  • Stacey Brown

    Stacey Brown

    Mark Maxwell's neice and secretary. Fun-loving and outgoing.
  • Tommy


    AKA Thomas Vinelli. Jittery, high-strung machine gunner. Tends to shoot first, think later, if ever.
  • Tuxedo Raincoat Man

    Tuxedo Raincoat Man

    Smelly bum in a ragged tuxedo and raincoat. His eyes contain the torments of Hell.
  • Wheels


    AKA Joe Hoffman. Ace's getaway driver. Also mean with a crowbar.