Feng Li Long

Chinese immigrant with a mystic inheritance.


Feng Li Long was carefree lad; eager to laugh, very brave, and would play an occasional practical joke. He grew up in the Cantonese province and the city of Guangzhou (Canton) in the family restaurant with his mother and father, four older brothers, five younger sisters, and his grandfather. His grandfather was third in a succession of fifth sons, very important in the Feng family ancestry. Li Long’s father was also a fifth-son. This made Li Long a fifth generation fifth-son.

Li Long explored the country side and sometimes his grandfather would accompany him. On one of those excursions his grandfather told him about the Feng family and the powers that sometimes ran in their family line. He said this was especially true in fifth-sons. Grandfather Feng then proceeded to show Li Long a trick. His grandfather closed his eyes, concentrated, and floated a foot above the ground. Li Long was astonished and asked if there was anything else he could do. He grandfather cupped his hands and asked Li Long to put his finger inside the cupped hands. The air turned cool, then warm, and then turned cool again. The grandfather explained that this was all he could do but that Li Long, being a fifth generation fifth-son, might be able to do much more. Li long was told to listen to his ancestors for guidance.

Over the next several years Li Long explored the countryside around the city of Guangzhou (Canton), listened for his ancestors, visited their temple, and worked in the kitchen of his grandparent’s restaurant. Li Long started hearing faint whispers at first – then the ancestors started speaking to him. Over time they taught him how to use his Air Dragon abilities and to follow their guidance even when it did not make sense.

In 1938, with the Japanese invasion worsening, Li Long’s father and three of his brothers left to join Chiang Kai-Shek’s Nationalist Army. The eldest brother, being lame in one foot, stayed home with his pregnant mother. Li Long was forbidden by his parents and grandfather to go to war. His five younger sisters, aged 16, 13, 10, 7 and 4, stayed home too. In late 1938, soon after his father and brothers left, Li Long went to the mountain to be being trained in Air-Dragon style Kung Fu by his ancestors. One day he noticed, from a distance, smoke rising into the sky in the direction of Guangzhou (Canton)*…

*[Japanese invasion of the Cantonese province and the city of Guangzhou (Canton) during the second Sino-Japanese War in late 1938.]

Li Long is 20 now (he’ll be 22 in 1940).

Li Long’s sisters
3, 6, 9, 12, 15
Yuan-Yuan (graceful young lady: Grace) peace: 3 years old
Hui Jiao (kind lovely: Charity) exuberance: 6 years old
Hong Dan (red red: Red) anger 9 years old
Qiao Shu (clever gentle: Sophie) wisdom 12 years old
Yun Zhi (cloud noble: Princess) sadness 15 years old

Feng Li Long

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